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Global warming has literally become the difference between life and death for humanity!

Global Environmental Watch Organization (GEWO) is a nonprofit committed to protecting the environment from destruction and making the world a safer place to live. Our endangered planet earth can’t do without your help. Act now to save the earth, or risk losing humanity forever!


About Us

The Global Environmental Watch Organization (GEWO) is on a mission to protect the planet from the devastating effects of climate change. Our world is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Carbon dioxide emissions have risen by over 20 percent in the past decade, and unless we take immediate action, we risk catastrophic consequences for the entire planet. The time for half-measures and timid responses is over. We must act boldly and decisively to reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. Join us in our fight to make the world a safer, healthier place for all.

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Education & Enlightenment:

We are committed to educating and engaging the public on environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and...

Green Revolution – Tree planting:

We are focused on planting trees as a means of combating deforestation and promoting reforestation. Trees are essential for absorbing carbon...

Pledge Your Carbon Footprint:

We are dedicated in encouraging individuals and organizations to take a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint, which is the amount of greenhouse...

Donate a Tree

Planting green vegetation, such as trees, is a simple and effective way to combat global warming. For example, a young tree can absorb up to 5900 grams of carbon dioxide per year, while a 10-year-old tree can absorb almost 22,000 grams per year. Given that the world emits approximately 40 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, it has been estimated that we would need to plant approximately 1 trillion trees to sequester 25% of all global carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate the impact of global warming.

Donate A Tree
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