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Education and Enlightenment

We are committed to educating and engaging the public on environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of these issues and to empower individuals to take positive action toward sustainability. Education and enlightenment can take many forms, including school programs, public outreach campaigns, and media initiatives.

Green Revolution – Tree planting

We are focused on planting trees as a means of combating deforestation and promoting reforestation. Trees are essential for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen, which helps to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity. The Green Revolution mission aims to restore degraded landscapes and improve soil health, while also providing benefits to local communities such as improved air and water quality, increased food security, and opportunities for income generation through sustainable forestry.

You have probably heard that Trees can be our solution for Climate Change. And yes, they are pretty amazing things! In fact, they are still a lot more effective than any man-made machine we have come up with so far. Trees help regulate the local climate, produce oxygen, improve soil quality, attract wild life, and absorb CO2!

5.9 KG CO2 per year

1 acre = 2500 KG CO2 per year

22 KG CO2 per year

1 EU citizen = 12000 KG CO2 per year

London – New York = 900 KB CO2

A young tree absorbs about 5900 gram CO2 per year, while a 10 year old tree absorbs almost 22,000 gram per year. When you run the number, it turns out that one acre of forest absorbs about 2.5 tons of CO2 per year.

An economy-class round trip flight from London to New York causes about 1.8 tons of CO2. This would mean you would need to maintain 0.72 acre for one year in order to absorb the carbon that was produced by that flight. If you look at the average Carbon Footprint of Europeans it is about 12 ton per year. If every European would want to offset their Carbon Footprint, it would need to maintain 4.8 acres of land, every year (that is a field of 200 x 200 meters). Planting a 100 million trees would result in a total amount of 18 million (!) tons of Carbon being captured every single year.

How many trees do we need?

Even though it is the most effective solution we know, we still need A LOT of trees.

Given that the world emits approximately 40 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, it has been estimated that we would need to plant approximately 1 trillion trees to sequester 25% of all global carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate the impact of global warming.

This would increase the soil quality, improve water quality and safety, and remove enough CO2 to gives us a chance to not overheat this planet.

Trees do more!

But trees do even more than absorbing CO2. They actually help regulate the climate in their surroundings. On hot days they help to cool down the temperature. By planing trees in smart places, we can reduce the amount of cooling in buildings up to 30%! This means less electricity is needed, while it’s just as comfortable inside. Trees improve the air temperature around them, and makes walking and biking much more appealing. Add the cleaner air, and it is another argument to plant as many trees possible.