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Christopher Uchenwa is an award-winning Nigerian-Canadian author, environmental activist, and expert in sustainability accounting. He is also an international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. As the founder of the Global Environmental Watch Organization, he has dedicated his life to creating a safer world by protecting the environment from the dangers posed by climate change. With a background in accounting and finance, Christopher brings a unique perspective to the fight against climate change. He is a member of both the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) of Canada and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom, and his expertise in sustainability accounting gives him unparalleled authority in the subject matter of his book. Christopher’s childhood experiences with the devastating effects of pollution and deforestation in Nigeria inspired his passion for environmental activism. His book, The Threat to Earth, is a call to action that explores the urgent need for action to save the planet from the devastating effects of global warming.

He has dedicated 100% of net proceeds from the sale of his book to raise funds towards the fight against climate change in order to save our planet earth.


My vision is to create a sustainable and equitable world that fosters the well-being of people and the planet. I prioritize responsible environmental stewardship, innovative solutions to global challenges, and urgent action to address climate change. Through collaboration and commitment, I aim to build a better future for all.


My mission is to protect nature, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable practices that benefit people and the planet. I educate and empower individuals to make positive environmental changes, advocate for policy changes that prioritize sustainability, and encourage carbon footprint reduction. My goal is to create a world where human and ecological well-being are interconnected and thriving.

My Core Mission Focuses on Four Key Areas

Global Environmental Watch Organization (GEWO) is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a safer world by protecting the environment. As humanity faces the greatest threat of our time — climate change — our global response has been woefully inadequate. In fact, carbon dioxide emissions have surged over 20% in the past decade alone. We must take swift action to reverse this trend and avert the imminent danger it poses.

1. Green Revolution – Tree planting: I am focused on planting trees as a means of combating deforestation and promoting reforestation. Trees are essential for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen, which helps to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity. The Green Revolution mission aims to restore degraded landscapes and improve soil health, while also providing benefits to local communities such as improved air and water quality, increased food security, and opportunities for income generation through sustainable forestry.

2. Education and Enlightenment: I am committed to educating and engaging the public on environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of these issues, and to empower individuals to take positive action towards sustainability. Education and enlightenment can take many forms, including school programs, public outreach campaigns, and media initiatives.

3. Policy Change: I am pivotal in advocating for policy changes at the local, national, and international level that prioritize sustainability and address environmental challenges. This may involve lobbying governments and corporations to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, supporting the development of new laws and regulations, and participating in international climate negotiations.

4. Carbon Footprint Pledge: I am dedicated in encouraging individuals and organizations to take a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint, which is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by their activities. The Carbon Footprint Pledge may involve a commitment to using renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, choosing low-carbon transportation options, and adopting other sustainable practices. By reducing their carbon footprint, individuals and organizations can help to mitigate climate change and promote a more sustainable future.

While I prioritize assisting poorer countries in achieving net-zero carbon emissions, my ultimate goal is to create a sustainable future for all.”